Formwork for columns PillarFORM
System parameters
Max Concrete pressure: 40kN/m2
Height (m): 2.00; 2,50; 3,00
Section size: from 15 to 45cm
Cross section: square, rectangle

Basic system elements
Three layer boards 500x3000x27mm, steel braces.

System advantages

System overview
Special formwork, designed for forming square and rectangle shape columns. It can be adjusted to form columns from 15-45cm (in 5cm module). Max form height is 3m. Complete form includes 4 three layer boards and 7 sets of steel galvanized braces (4 per set). For 3m column 7 sets of braces has to be used, placed with indicated spaces. To hold the form in upright position, best solution is to use diagonal props. PillarFORM is simple but very effective for forming above mentioned columns. Dismantled requires not much space, and it can be carried into existing building even trough small window. Faull assembly and dismantle can be done by single person.

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